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Skoda steps up! Volkswagen Group engine development to be led by Czech brand, covering "50 models over seven brands"

The EA211 of series engines ranges from three cylinders to four, 1.0- to 1.6-litres, and 48 to 115kW.

Skoda is taking charge of the development of one of the key mechanical elements within the Volkswagen Group - its entry-level EA211 engines.

While the Czech brand was already the lead for the non-turbocharged MPI (multi-point injection) versions of the 211 series engines, Skoda’s engineers at its Mladá Boleslav headquarters are set to “take charge of developing the future TSI engines of the EA211 series” - TSI standing for ‘turbocharged stratified injected’.

This comes less than a week after head of the Volkswagen brand, Thomas Schaefer (not the VW Group overall, led by Oliver Blume), renounced combustion engines and said that VW would leave them behind.

It goes against moves from fellow VW Group brand Porsche, which has been developing e-fuel production processes to continue the use of combustion engines.

The German government, backed by countries like Italy and the Czech Republic, also recently blocked a move by the EU to ban the sale of new combustion engine cars after 2035.

Skoda board member for technical development Johannes Neft says the Czech brand understands the weight of being responsible for just the MPI versions of the EA211 engine, let alone all its TSI versions.

“Taking responsibility for the development of the entire EA211 engine series is confirmation of Skoda’s high level of technical expertise. 

Skoda is taking charge of the development of entry-level EA211 engines.

“At the same time, this underlines the importance of the Skoda brand within the entire Volkswagen Group, as the engines in this series are used in 50 model lines of seven of its brands,” Neft said.

Skoda is also responsible for developing other ‘entry-level’ mechanical and tech platforms and components within the VW Group, including the MQB A0 Global platform which underpins compact cars like the Volkswagen Polo and Audi A1, or the VW Group's drum brakes. 

Its Mladá Boleslav headquarters also developed the Volkswagen Passat alongside the Skoda Superb.

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