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Scooting gets watchdog

Members of the Australian Scooter Federation means customers will get better protection and advice.

The boom in the Australian scooter market and rise in professionalism in the past few years has led to the formation of the Australian Scooter Federation.

The ASF has launched a campaign to highlight the benefits available to customers who buy from an accredited seller.

ASF chairperson Hollie Black said ASF members adhered to the federation's code of conduct, meaning scooterists could rest assured they would receive high-quality customer service when buying from these manufacturers.

"There are many companies entering the market and we are concerned that inexperienced importers may not be backing up the product they're bringing in," Black said.

"When a customer buys a product from one of our members, they will have access to that manufacturer's national dealer network and all the benefits that come with buying from a reputable company."

"All ASF members are companies which adhere to a high level of quality, not just for their own company but with an aim to protect and improve the industry as a whole."

The ASF is a member of the Motorcycle Industry Group of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) and is the peak body representing the scooter industry.

The ASF members that have joined forces to promote safe and professional scooting which includes; Aprilia, Benelli, Bolwell, BUG, Daelim, Gilera, Honda, Hyosung, Kymco, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki, SCP, TGB, Vespa and Yamaha.

ASF has also developed a set of guidelines which protect users.

ASF members have manufacturers based in France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Italy. All companies supplying ASF members have International Quality Assurance and all vehicles comply with Australian Design Rules.

In addition to being advocates for scooter riders and lobbying the government on riders behalf, the ASF also aims to educate the community about all things scooter related through the provision of advice, a comprehensive website and other communication materials.

Mark Hinchliffe
Contributing Journalist
Mark Hinchliffe is a former CarsGuide contributor and News Limited journalist, where he used his automotive expertise to specialise in motorcycle news and reviews.
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