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Scary Japanese tyre commercial | video

The ad is reminiscent of the Japanese horror film The Ring.

If scaring the living daylights our of your target audience is the way to make them buy your products, this Japanese tyre company has struck gold.

Watch the desktop version of the scary Japanese tyre commercial here

Autoway Tires came up with the ad to show how the company's tyres can peform in treacherous and dangerous conditions, The Daily Mail reports. It even starts with a health warning which reads: "Not for the faint of heart."

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The ad - which is reminiscent of the Japanese horror film The Ring - shows the view from a car windscreen as the driver heads down a lonely laneway. In the distance, the figure of a lone girl appears. As the car approaches, the girl's ghoulish face looms.

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What happens next has left viewers jumpy, shaken and horrified, with one viewer taking to Twitter saying: "The most terrifying ad you will ever watch! Turn up the volume."

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