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Price rise alert! Get in quick to save on a 2023 Hyundai Tucson or Venue, with more models like i30 already affected

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The Hyundai Tucson is the brand’s most popular model, and is about to undergo a price rise.
The Hyundai Tucson is the brand’s most popular model, and is about to undergo a price rise.

Hyundai Australia has applied a price increase to some of its most popular models, with more to come in the near future.

The brand has increased pricing for its i30 hatch and Sedan, as well as the Staria van and people mover, by hundreds of dollars, though no specifications or features have been changed for each model.

The changes, which took effect on April 1, mean the entry price for an i30 hatch is now $24,000 before on-road costs, up $280 over previous pricing. Pricing increases for the hatch line-up is uniform at $280 each variant, excluding the N variants, while the i30 Sedan is up by $310 for its range, now starting at $26,000.

The Staria, both in ‘Load’ van and people-mover versions, have had all prices hiked by $500, with the Load now from $46,240 and the people-mover now starting from $49,000.

In an unusual move, a spokesperson from Hyundai has also given CarsGuide a statement that the brand will increase pricing for two other models ahead of time, with the Hyundai Venue small SUV and the Tucson medium SUV to have prices increased from June 1.

Aside from the entry-grade Venue (which will be $100 more expensive), pricing for the SUVs will rise by $250.

The Venue will now start from $22,000, while the Tucson is up to $35,150 at entry-grade.

“Effective 1 April and 1 June 2023, HMCA regrettably will be applying a manufacturer's list price increase that impacts a range of Hyundai models,” a spokesperson told CarsGuide.

“This increase has been driven by exchange rate pressures and rising logistics costs.”

Pricing changes are listed below, including changes to come on June 1 as noted.

2023 Hyundai i30 pricing before on-road costs

i30 manual$ 24,000 (+$280)
i30auto$ 26,000 (+$280)
i30 Activeauto$ 27,500 (+$280)
i30 Eliteauto$ 30,800 (+$280)
i30 N-Linemanual$ 30,500 (+$280)
i30 N-Lineauto$ 32,500 (+$280)
i30 N-Line Premiummanual$ 35,300 (+$280)
i30 N-Line Premiumauto$ 37,300 (+$280)


2023 Hyundai i30 Sedan pricing before on-road costs

i30 Sedan Activemanual$ 26,000 (+$310)
i30 Sedan Activeauto$ 28,000 (+$310)
i30 Sedan Eliteauto$ 32,000 (+$310)
i30 Sedan N-Linemanual$ 32,000 (+$310)
i30 Sedan N-Lineauto$ 34,000 (+$310)
i30 Sedan N-Line Premiumauto$ 39,000 (+$310)


2023 Hyundai Staria pricing before on-road costs


Staria FWDauto$ 49,000 (+$500)
Staria AWDauto$ 52,000 (+$500)
Staria Elite FWDauto$ 57,000 (+$500)
Staria Elite AWDauto$ 60,000 (+$500)
Staria Highlander FWDauto$ 64,000 (+$500)
Staria Highlander AWDauto$ 67,000 (+$500)


2023 Hyundai Staria Load pricing before on-road costs

Staria Load 2 Seat Liftbackauto$ 46,240 (+$500)
Staria Load 2 Seat Twin Swingauto$ 46,240 (+$500)
Staria Load 5 Seat Crew Liftbackauto$ 50,140 (+$500)
Staria Load 5 Seat Crew Twin Swingauto$ 50,140 (+$500)
Staria Load 2 Seat Premium Liftbackauto$ 51,240 (+$500)


2023 Hyundai Venue pricing before on-road costs (from June 1 2023)



Venue 2WD

$ 22,000 (+$100)

Venue 2WD

$ 24,000 (+$100)

Venue Active 2WD

$ 26,250 (+$250)

Venue Elite 2WD

$ 28,750 (+$250)


2023 Hyundai Tucson pricing before on-road costs (from June 1 2023)



Tucson 2WD

$ 35,150 (+$250)

Tucson 2WD with N Line

$ 39,150 (+$250)

Tucson 2WD Elite

$ 40,150 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Turbo Elite

$ 44,150 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Elite Diesel

$ 46,150 (+$250)

Tucson 2WD Elite with N Line

$ 42,650 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Turbo Elite with N Line

$ 46,650 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Elite Diesel with N Line

$ 48,650 (+$250)

Tucson 2WD Highlander

$ 47,150 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Turbo Highlander

$ 51,150 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Highlander Diesel

$ 53,150 (+$250)

Tucson 2WD Highlander with N Line

$ 48,650 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Turbo Highlander with N Line

$ 52,650 (+$250)

Tucson AWD Highlander Diesel with N Line

$ 54,650 (+$250)
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