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NSW police get luxury Lexus hybrids

Police will enjoy some rare winter luxury this snow season, with the delivery of two new prestige cars.

The result of a road safety partnership with Lexus, the hybrid vehicles -- and RX 450h and GS 450h -- will commence duties this weekend throughout southern NSW, to coincide with the start of the ski season. 

The unusually prestigious police cars will help draw attention to the road safety message. Lexus CEO Sean Hanley hopes the delivery will help raise awareness in the community and showcase the breadth of capabilities of the cars. 

“Lexus' involvement with NSW Police will assist in their efforts to engage with the community, while also highlighting the flexibility and diversity of the Lexus hybrid vehicle range," Hanley says.

Both cars use a V6 petrol engine and an electric motor to achieve brisk acceleration and a fuel consumption of just 6.3L/100km. The RX 450H uses a four wheel drive system, which could assist police with snow duties. Meanwhile, the GS 450h uses a similar power supply, but with maximised performance sent to the rear wheels – taking the large sedan from standstill to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds.

The RX 450h is expected to be selected for the role staring in the Snow Safe campaign, as NSW Police seek greater visibility to remind motorists to slow down, take regular rests and not to drink and drive. But on a more informal basis, the car will allow the state’s law enforcers to seek a positive image with the public by using the Lexus to attract interest and initiate conversations with members of the public.

The GS 450h will have a similar role, showcasing the work of the NSW police force. However, rather than ski slopes and snow fields, the Lexus will be engaging people at sporting and community events throughout southern NSW, such as NRL, NBL and V8 Supercars in Bathurst and Sydney.

With the snow season now officially started, NSW Police hope the Lexus hybrid vehicles, and increased efforts patrolling the region, will help eliminate accidents and fatalities on our roads.