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New Holden Commodore VF spy shot

New Holden Commodore VF spotted.

The Commodore VF, Holden Colorado 7 and Opel Astra GTC have all been caught on camera in recent weeks during test runs out of Melbourne.

The hottest hit was scored by Ben Williams, who shot the camouflaged Commodore (below) during country runs with a group of current cars and - surprisingly - a full-sized Dodge.

"I saw the car in country Victoria. It was with a group of Commodores. There was also an American car (above)," says Williams. The Colorado 7, which plugs a giant hole in Holden's SUV lineup later this year, is caught wearing a different style of disguise in a Melbourne carpark.

"I saw this car at my local shopping center car park. I think it's a new SUV for Holden," says Jon Walker. Holden has already announced preliminary details on the car, which is based on the Chevrolet Trailblazer and will be the first full-sized SUV for the brand in almost a decade."

“Australians are buying more SUVs than ever before. The Colorado 7 will be a perfect fit for customers looking for the increased packaging flexibility and lifestyle benefits of clever interior storage, seven seats and rugged off-road performance," says Holden's John Elsworth.

But there is nothing yet on the exact specification or the crucial pricing. Mathieu Lewis only manages a quick glimpse at a speedy yellow coupe but he knows what he's got. 

"I spotted the new Opel Astra GTC on Punt Road in Melbourne. It's a rough photo I managed to get of it through the mirror," he says. 

Opel has no details yet on its sales plan for the hot hatch, but is surprisingly happy it has been snapped.

 "Yes, it is one of our GTCs, the very first to arrive in the country," says Michelle Lang, spokesperson for Opel Australia. "I'm not surprised it was spotted - it's a head turner."