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New car finance advice!

Today we've launched a new section of designed especially for anyone seeking information and advice about car finance.

Incorporating a range of interactive tools and editorial content, the newly developed section is a reliable resource for when you next research your car financing options.

The new finance section includes: 

• Information and advice about car loans, leases and other types of finance.

• Interactive tools and calculators including loan and lease calculators, interest rate comparison table and a car trade-in valuer.

• You can submit questions to be answered by industry professionals.

Providing specific tools like car loan repayment calculators and information on additional costs to plan for, we aim to give you the tools and unbiased, accurate information you need throughout the car buying process.

“Buying a car is a major financial decision for consumers, yet research found for some it can be more influenced by the emotion of the car itself than that amount consumers can afford, putting consumers at risk of spending above their means,” says chief executive officer, Ed Smith.

“With 35% of consumers planning to buy a car over $40,000 on their next car purchase this is a significant cost that requires planning and research on the consumer’s behalf.”

“We asked users what they were looking for in terms of information and advice about financing options and have tailored the section accordingly. People want trustworthy and unbiased information about borrowing options and how to fund their next car purchase, so the main focus for our section is to provide a resource for people to research and calculate the best loan option for them.”

“Our finance section further extends on our commitment to being Australia’s most comprehensive digital automotive publisher.”