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Motor show moving forward

The likely date for the first Australian International Motor Show, in Sydney, is September of twenty-ten

Full details are still completely under wraps, but the basics are leaking as everyone involved begins work on a new model for local shows. There is now a joint venture between the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, who were previously rivals in the running of their competing events in Melbourne and Sydney.

So, what's happening?  For a start, the show will alternate between Sydney and Melbourne from next year. The likely date for the first Australian International Motor Show, in Sydney, is September of twenty-ten with the first Melbourne event running in June or July of 2011.

Melbourne will continue with the Exhibition Centre as its venue, although talks are underway for a new location in Sydney or a massive upgrade of the Darling Harbour location used in recent years.  No-one is confirming the top man at the motor show, but it is Russ Tyrie. He has led the Melbourne show for more than 15 years and is the best and most experienced person for the job.

Car companies are also looking to build bridges after the mass boycott of the Melbourne and Sydney shows this year that triggered the first serious talk of a merger. The walkout led by big brands including Mercedes-Benz hit hard in Melbourne, then forced a cancellation of Sydney in September.  Car companies are also planning to spend biggest on a single annual event, as well as leveraging more head-office support for Australia's major motoring show.

The organisers are also working a plan to create an Asia-Pacific showcase at a new time, without competition overseas _ Melbourne always clashed with the Geneva show in Switzerland, Sydney with Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo _ and with the potential to create a truly landmark event.

Of course, all of this is yet to be confirmed. But Tyrie is flat-out on something big at his Melbourne office and Mercedes is already talking about a big new commitment to the motor show from 2010. So it's looking good.

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