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McLaren Senna GTR 2019 teased: a ton of downforce for 600kW monster

McLaren's even angrier Senna GTR is taking shape
Andrew Chesterton
Contributing journalist

3 Nov 2018 • 2 min read

The teasing season has begun for McLaren's incoming Senna GTR, with the British brand today confirming downforce and suspension specifics for its track-only monster.

The GTR - a harder, angrier version of the Senna supercar - will produce a whopping 1000kg of downforce (though McLaren is yet to confirm the speed specifics), which, along with its 607kW, 800Nm twin-turbocharged V8 engine, should make for some seriously quick track times.

McLaren also confirmed today that the Senna GTR will adopt suspension taken from the brand's GT3 race cars, as well as a set of racing Pirelli slicks.

The brand will begin dynamic testing this month, though using a Senna for the body work as the finished GTR shape is still being finalised. Expect a wider track, wider fenders and bigger front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as a huge rear wing that looms above the bodywork.

Inside, anything that could be stripped to save weight has been, including all the airbags and the infotainment screen, while a new steering wheel with integrated drive buttons replaces a traditional gearshift. Happily, though, air-conditioning made the final cut, so knocking out some hot laps won't feel like you're driving a sauna.

Pretty tempting, yes. But you can't have one. Just 75 will be built, and despite a 1.1m pound ($1.9m) price tag, the Senna GTR was sold out within a month of being announced.

Is the Senna GTR too hardcore for its own good? Tell us in the comments below.