Marussia F2 SUV revealed

20 May 2010
, Herald Sun

Marussia is hitting the SUV category with its all-new F2, which follows the B-series supercars _ B1 and B2 _ in a high-tech attack from Moscow.  The B2 was revealed last week at an Information Technology show in Moscow, sitting alongside the radical stealth-style B1 already detailed in Carsguide following an exclusive interview earlier this year at the Bahrain Grand Prix. 

Marussia is a major backer of the Virgin F1 team and its founder, Nikolay Fomenko, has aggressive plans at the top end of the car business.  The F2 is the next step in his plan to build a high-tech carmaker using Russian brainpower but mechanical components from Britain, including Cosworth V6 engines.  The F2 is very different to the aluminium-kevlar bodied B2, which weighs only 850 kilograms.

It is designed for private sales but also for use as an army, fire department, emergency squad, police or mobile operation control centre vehicle.  The work focus explains the sliding rear doors and the chunky body, which packs more working space into the rear end that most family-style SUVs.

Marussia says the cabin can be tailor-made for any buyer, from a limousine company to the military, thanks to infotainment equipment ranging from onboard internet to television and wide-ranging Bluetooth and GPS systems.  Fomenko made his money in the computer business and he brags that the F2 will be future-proofed with the best onboard computer systems and technology links in the business.

But he has yet to reveal the technical details for the brutally aggressive Marussia F2, beyond its V6 engine and all-wheel drive package.  More is expected when the company hits the Moscow auto salon soon, including a Marussia electric car.

"Our company is not the biggest, but our ambition after five years is   10,000 cars. But this is not only in Russia, it is outside as well," Fomenko says.