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Lexus F-Sport

Lexus is expanding its F-Sport range, now adorning the CT small hybrid and IS sedan (pictured).

The Japanese luxury arm of Toyota is aiming for automotive botox with its expanding F-Sport range, now adorning the CT small hybrid and IS sedan ranges, but destined during 2012 for the bulk of the Lexus range.

Lexus Australia chief executive Tony Cramb says the brand is broadening its appeal with F-Sport and the halo-car $750,000 LFA.

"From our point of view it's something to inspire a new group of customers, even though only 10 will get to own one," he says.

F Sport models will number 7 in total by the end of next year, starting with the new GS in the first half of next year and spreading through the passenger car and even the SUV ranks.

Lexus marketing manager Peter Evans says Lexus is looking to improve its emotional appeal and attainability following the good response to the ISF sedan.

"Our F-range of products started 12 months ago, there was a clear understanding that Lexus needed an attainable sports model," he says.

The F-Sport upgrades - which focus on chassis, steering, brakes and the wheel/tyre packages - are not restricted to a small number of models and Lexus Australia is pushing the DNA link between the LFA supercar and its expanding range.

"F-Sport will become a prominent part of our model mix, not just for the petrol buyer. CT hybrid set in motion an offering not considered before," he says.

Since it was introduced into the Lexus brand 12 months ago, Lexus says the F-Sport packages account for almost a third of CT hybrid sales and nearly half of the IS sedan's sales tally.

"The LFA has resonated with our customers, F-Sport in Australia has put us on the map as a global study, we're regularly requested by Japan to present on the program," Mr Evans says.