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Lamborghinis crash and burn | video

Three Lamborginis crash in Singapore. Photo by Ezad Amir.

galleryThe equivalent of more than $1.5 million has crashed and burned on an expressway in Malaysia, where three Lamborghinis formed their own very expensive Italian supercar pile-up.

The cars -- a black Aventador, green Gallardo and an orange Gallardo Superleggera with STS spoiler -- had been travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in a group of five Lambos on a charity event when one driver smashed into the guardrail. Another two failed to react quickly enough to avoid the crashed car, and ended up joining it, with all three catching fire.

Later reports have since indicated the accident may have been caused by a local driver swerving towards the three Lamborghinis, with the first one crashing in an effort to avoid the swerving car and the others smashing in a chain reaction.

Luckily the drivers escaped without injuries, according to Yahoo News Singapore, however there's no indication yet of what speed the cars were doing at the time, or how close they were to each other in the convoy.

Emergency services crews extinguished the blaze, but by the looks of the photos posted on Twitter, the three Lamborghinis are likely all a write-off.

The Aventador, which was pinned to the guardrail by the other two cars, sells in Australia from $761,500 while the Gallardo starts at $409,500 -- with both also incurring a hefty Luxury Car Tax whack. Insurance may well cover the cost of the cars in the crash, although the Gallardo owners might have trouble replacing them, as the model is about to reach the end of its life.

Watch the desktop version of the three Lamborghinis crash and burn video here. 

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