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Kia's electric vehicle floodgates open: 2024 Kia EV6 wait times slashed as Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Tesla Model Y rival's production finally ramps up

Getting into a Kia EV6 is about to get easier.

Kia Australia has unlocked extra production of the popular EV6 electric vehicle, with the brand promising wait times have been cut considerably.

It's good news for anyone either in the queue, or about to get in it, with Australia's initial run of EV6 production severely limited, causing a backlog of waiting customers.

But the brand's campaign for more production from Kia HQ has paid off, with Australian executives promising the wait time for new EV6 customers is around 12 weeks, or even less.

"The exciting news on EV6 is, and it's a weekly thing, but it looks like we've had some wins on EV6 from a supply standpoint," said Kia Australia's marketing chief, Dean Norbiato.

"We expect the back end of this year to have the best level of supply with the award-winning EV6 we've ever had."

Granted that is from something of a low base, with the brand able to secure just 500 vehicles when the EV6 first launched in Australia last year.

That boa-constricted supply was tough news for the most of the 25,000 people who had registered their interest in the vehicle ahead of its launch.

But the supply story is now improving, and significantly at that.

"Instead of what may have been in the past a six to 12-month wait, it's probably only a two to three-month wait now," said Kia Australia's GM of product planning, Roland Rivero.

The new wait time for the EV6 puts it just behind the entry-level variants of the Model Y family (up to eight weeks), and the Ioniq 5, which currently has available in country, with the brand "expecting factory supply to continue to improve".

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