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Hyundai Santa Cruz body uncovered: Your first look at Korea's baby ute!

Hyundai's Santa Cruz takes shape. (Image credit:

We've seen spy shots and renders galore, but this is your first proper look at the Hyundai Santa Cruz, with the Korean mini-ute's finished body snapped outside what appears to be a manufacturing facility.

The picture - which was published by Motor1 - confirms a lot of what we know already; namely that the Santa Cruz is small, with a diminutive tray, and four doors as the only offering. 

While Hyundai is yet to officially confirm details of its new ute, other than the fact it will be built from 2021 in Alabama in the USA.

But according to reports in Car And Driver, the Santa Cruz will arrive with a choice between a 2.4-litre petrol and turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol, both borrowed from the US-spec Santa Fe and both paired with an eight-speed gearbox and AWD.

If those numbers prove correct, the Santa Cruz would deliver some 137kW and 241Nm in 2.4-litre guise, and a considerable 175kW and 352Nm with the 2.0-litre turbo engine

While Hyundai in Australia is far from confirming the Santa Cruz will arrive down under, it has confirmed - as recently as November last year - that the new ute is now "under study" for our market.

So will the Santa Cruz make its Australian debut? We'll have to wait and see. But it's no secret that the brand is far more interested in the company's upcoming HiLux and Ranger rival.