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Holden Cruze recall

Only US Cruze's are affected in the recall covering almost 150,000 cars.

Holden has announced a recall on 4236 JG Cruze vehicles imported from Korea, due to concern that a rear seatbelt retaining nut was missing.

“This could lead to passengers sitting in the centre or driver’s side rear positions not being properly restrained,” Holden spokesperson Emily Perry says. “We’re advising owners that it would be better to not carry passengers in those positions until the car is checked.”

Perry says the affected cars were built between November 15 2010 and January 12 2011. Holden is contacting all owners to notify them of the recall. More information is available from Holden Customer Service on 1800 632 826.

Meanwhile, nearly every Cruze built in the US since Chevrolet launched the car there last September has been recalled to check the steering shaft. Nearly 150,000 of the cars - which was GM's best seller in the US last month, and played a large part in the company's recent financial turnaround - will undergo the recall because the steering shaft may have been installed incorrectly.

In addition, nearly 120,000 of those will also be inspected to check that installation of the automatic transmission shift linkage is correct. However the recall doesn't impact on the Australian Cruze, which is assembled at Holden's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide.

"It's just the North American Cruze," Perry says. "It doesn't impact on Cruze production in other facilities and none of the recalled cars were sold outside the US and Canada."