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Ford Mustang GT 2018 gets Tickford tune

Aussie vehicle tuning house Tickford has developed an ECU recalibration package for the current Ford Mustang GT, which frees an extra 61kW and 76Nm from the American coupe's 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine.

This bumps the total output to 400kW/632Nm in manual gearbox- and automatic transmission-equipped units, without the need for mechanical adjustments.

The ECU recalibration, which is compatible with any MY18 Mustang GT, costs customers $2750 and is currently available at the Melbourne Tickford Enhancement Centre (TEC) in Campbellfield, Victoria.

According to the company, the tune will be rolled out to all TECs in the coming weeks.

Tickford squeezed more power out of the previous generation Mustang too, however it required the use of supporting modifications including a cold air intake and a complete exhaust system replacement.

The recently-updated Mustang features a number of mechanical changes, including improvements to the fuel-injection and exhaust system, which Tickford needed to work with to develop the ECU flash, explains managing director Rod Nash.

“We obtained one of the first Mustangs to land on Australian shores, and immediately commenced development work to understand the implications of the subtle changes made to the engine by Ford, including the use of direct injection and an active exhaust.

“Over this past month or so, the engineering team has been working feverishly on the new engine and understanding the implications of the engine updates, as well as the new active exhaust system. Following weeks spent on the dyno, this is the end result, which we are very happy with. It certainly enhances the power and driveability of the car.”

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