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Classic Morgan may return

Morgan Cars Australia wait in anticipation for the return of the classics to Australia.

The car, which can trace its design back to the 1930s, was withdrawn from sale in 2006 because of problems with airbag supply and subsequent homologation issues.

However, it’s set for a new round of crash testing in the UK later this month. If it passes it will be back on sale within months because the test is the equivalent of the local Australian Design Rule 69 for full-frontal crash testing.

"I have orders sitting in the system," Morgan Cars Australia managing director Chris van Wyk says. He expects the car to be cheaper because of more favourable exchange rates and tariff reduction.

"The currency situation means we'll be able to bring in the 4/4 for around $80,000, the Plus 4 for $100,000 and the V6 for around $126,000," he says.

The cars previously cost $97,000, $117,000 and $145,000.