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Best of Tassie Sixes hard to beat

Hobart driver Ashley Madden is hoping to win his second Tassie Sixes Classic title at the Hobart International Speedway.

He is in form, has a strong car, and Ashley Madden believes he has the right stuff to win the Tassie Sixes Classic at Hobart International Speedway on Saturday night.

The problem is, the same can be said for another 10 drivers in one of Tasmanian speedway's largest fields.

Madden, 24, who won the Classic in 2004, goes into Saturday's stoush having won a feature race last time out.

That makes him one of the favourites for the Tassie Sixes' biggest annual race outside the state championship.

To claim the Classic again, Madden will have to deal with top local drivers such as Noel Russell, Dion Menzie, Marcus Cleary, Darren Graham and Dwayne Sonners.

Russell is the driver Madden fears most.

“He's a very hard man to beat, very consistent, a very good car, a good driver,” Madden said yesterday.

Russell's XR6 Falcon has a power advantage over Madden's Pontiac GP with a Holden motor.

“The Falcon engine is an alloy-headed, four-litre job. It puts out a few more kilowatts than the Holden engine,” Madden said.

“We have worked tirelessly on tire and suspension set-up to try and go faster."

“I'll definitely be a chance to win."

“I have to make sure I qualify in the top 10 to have a realistic chance."

“As long as I start up the front with the quick blokes, I'm fairly confident I can be at least a podium chance.”

Each driver will contest two heats of 10 laps to decide grid positions for the 20-lap final.

With an expected field of 25-plus, some drivers will miss the cut.

“I enjoy the evenness of the class, no one has got a really huge advantage,” Madden said.

“There's a great camaraderie between everyone, if someone needs a hand everyone is there, and we get to race all tracks round the state.”

As well as the Tassie Sixes, sprint cars will feature in the final round of their state series.