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2021 GMC Hummer EV detailed: Will this icon's electric rebirth come to Australia via GM's new GMSV brand?

The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 has a claimed electric driving range of 563 kilometres.

GMC’s all-new Hummer EV positions the iconic nameplate for the future as it debuts powerful electric motors in a premium and well-equipped off-road package.

Crticially, the GMC Hummer EV may be considered for local right-hand-drive conversion in Australia via the new General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) business, which will begin to replace existing Holden and HSV dealerships in the coming months.

While the Hummer EV retains boxy styling cues reminiscent of its H1, H2 and H3 predecessors, the all-electric ute stands apart with its full-width LED light bar and airy tech-laden cockpit.

The Hummer EV's large guards have enough room for 37-inch hoops.

The ‘supertruck’ also boasts strong off-road credentials with standard 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory tyres, significant underbody protection, a four-wheel-steering system with a Crabwalk function, and adaptive air suspension that can raise its ground clearance by 152mm.

At first, the Hummer EV will launch overseas in range-topping Edition 1 guise, which uses three electric motors to produce claimed outputs of 745kW and 15,591Nm.

The quoted torque figure is likely a wheel-torque measurement, which gives a higher output number than what is actually made by the powertrain, with some overseas publications reporting that the Hummer EV in fact produces around 1085Nm.

A large 13.4-inch multimedia display can show off-road driving data like differential status, tyre pressure and pitch angles.

In any case, GMC says the Hummer EV Edition 1 will sprint from zero-to-96km/h in three seconds, and has an all-electric driving range of 563km.

Inside, the Hummer EV features a 13.4-inch touchscreen multimedia system as well as a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, which can show up to 18 different camera views via its UltraVision underbody camera system.

A panoramic Infinity Roof and removable Sky Panels are standard on the Edition 1, as is a power rear window and tonneau cover.

Depending on the variant, the Hummer EV can support 800-volt DC fast charging up to 350kW, which can add 160km of range in just 10 minutes.

Using the CrabWalk function, the Hummer EV can turn both front and rear wheels in the same direction to improve maneuverability.

The Edition 1 will launch in the United States towards the end of next year from $US112,595 ($A159,263), after which GMC will incrementally roll out three full-time Hummer EV variants.

In 2022, the EV3X will launch with a three-motor powertrain delivering 596kW/12,880Nm, and a claimed 482km of range, followed by the EV2X in 2023, which uses a two-motor setup for 466kW/10,033Nm.

In 2024, GMC will finally release its base model EV2 from $US79,995 ($A113,208), which features the same electric motor configuration as the EV2X, but has a lower driving range of approximately 402km.

It is believed that the Hummer EV will spawn a similar SUV variant as GM makes good on its plan to release 20 new electric vehicles before 2023.

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