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What should I do about a sweating Volkswagen water pump?

Asked by Steve

I recently had my car serviced by a VW specialist and the person that serviced it advised me that the water pump had some sweating. I subsequently took it to a dealer for a second opinion. They advised me that there wasn't a problem with it. I have been monitoring the coolant levels and haven't noticed any movement. I know these cars can have problems with water pumps but the vehicle I have has only travelled 14,008 kms and is serviced religiously. My question is do I get a third opinion?

Answered by CarsGuide

11 Sep 2020 David Morley

When your specialist says the water pump is sweating, he or she is referring to a tiny amount of coolant appearing on the pump either where it joins the rest of the car’s cooling system or through the pump seal. You won’t see a drop in the coolant level because the leak is so tiny, but neglected it could eventually develop into a leak that will need immediate attention. Better to sort it now rather than wait for it to become a problem.

Given the mileage you’ve quoted, I’d imagine the car is relatively new and is still covered by the VW factory warranty. That’s why your mechanic has flagged it rather than fixed it; because it’s a warranty issue and should be treated as such by the VW dealer and fixed for free. I can understand why the dealer would rather ignore the problem; they don’t want the hassle of fixing it when it might not become an issue for many thousands more kilometres. You need to get your specialist to confirm the issue in writing and then contact VW Australia’s customer service department and discuss the issue if the dealer still won’t play ball

I have heard of Volkswagen engines that needed replacement coolant pumps early in life, so definitely don’t ignore it. A pressure test of the cooling system may provide further proof that there’s a problem.

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