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VW Jetta gearbox problem

I own a late model VW Jetta with the DSG gearbox and have experienced a couple of times when I have been waiting to turn right, and waited for a break in the traffic put my foot down only to find the car couldn't decide whether it was in first gear or neutral and started limping across the road with traffic bearing down on me on a major highway. I informed VW of the issue when filling out one of their surveys but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. The result of this is that I can never feel confident that the car is going to do what it is supposed to do when taking off from a dead stop. Is this one of the troubles you were referring to?

What you describe has been a common complaint with the DSG gearbox. One issue it could be is contamination of the gearbox wiring loom by oil, which VW is aware of. Take the car to your dealer and ask that it be fixed.