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Cracked piston in Jetta

My 2009 VW Jetta had had issues with the no. 3 fuel injector since 2012. It has been replaced twice, but last month the engine warning light came on, it was diagnosed to have faulty fuel injectors. A crack was then discovered in a piston, which virtually means a new engine is required. My sister had the same car, same year, and has had three engines replaced in three years with the same issues. She ended up being offered another car. Where do I stand now to have VW come to the party and either repair or replace the engine when they knew about the issue with the 118TSI 1.4 7-speed DSG engine. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
18 September 2015

I would think you have a good case to put to VW to have the engine replaced at its cost, although I would expect VW to say the car is too old and is no longer covered. Put your case to them for a new engine, but anticipate it will either be rejected, or an offer will be made to you with VW covering part of the cost of repairs.