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Screen crack on HSV GTS

I have a 2012 E3 HSV GTS that I bought as a showroom demonstrator with only 50 km on the clock. The very first time I attempted to use the sat-nav the screen cracked and I've been trying to get it fixed under warranty ever since. HSV keep telling me it was just bad luck, so they wouldn't fix it. They told me to contact Holden seeing the sat-nav is a Holden unit, not specifically HSV. This has now gone on for years and I don't feel I should pay for something that broke the very first time I went to use it. I'm sick of the buck passing from HSV to Holden. Neither one is prepared to repair it. Should Holden cover the cost? What do you suggest I do?

The warranty that came with the car covers the whole car, not just the HSV-specific parts. Talk to your dealer, who I'm sure will be both an HSV dealer and a Holden dealer, he should be able to repair the sat-nav screen and send the bill to either HSV or Holden, in this case it should be Holden.