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Genuine problem

I THINK I bought a 2000 VX HSV GTS. I'm not sure if it is a genuine GTS because it came with a Clubsport interior and, when the console lid broke -- requiring a new build number badge -- it arrived Clubsport. My problem is I can't get a valuation from Holden dealers. It appears they aren't interested until they check the VIN. The car has done 91,000km. What can I do?

THE car's VIN will tell you whether it is a GTS, so check your car's build plate. Because you bought the car new, there is no chance the plate will be false. If the console lid has Clubsport on it instead of the correct badge, go back to HSV and arrange for the correct part to be supplied. It might have supplied the incorrect part because that was the only one it had in stock. The GTS was built in small numbers so it's possible that parts are not readily available. Dealers are reluctant to trade your car probably because they know it will be hard to move, not because they doubt its authenticity.