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Toyota Prado: Cracked dashboard

There are massive cracks on the left and right side of the dash in my dash 2004 Toyota Prado Grande 2004. I have been advised to contact Toyota about it, they are said to be aware of the problem and will oblige. The car has only done 147,000 km and is well maintained and regularly serviced. The local dealership refused to assist and told me to contact Toyota. I did, but Toyota has refused to accept responsibility and has declined my claim. They said that it was out of warranty and not an (OEM) original equipment manufacture fault. One of the senior mechanics in our local area has advised that it is very dangerous to drive the car since the cracks are around the airbags and could burst out during driving causing serious accident. What are my options?

Cracking dashboards have been a problem on Prados of your vintage for a long time, and Toyota was fixing some when the cars were newer. Yours is 10 years old, and from your description of the cracks they have been there for some time now, which makes me wonder why you have left it until now to make your claim. Toyota has in the past assured us that the cracking does not affect the operation of the airbags or compromise safety.

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