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Narrow SUV with enough power?

I have a very narrow garage with a tight turn into it. If I scrape the left side I can just get out so long as I'm careful not to open the door too wide. It's one of those cages in a unit block. I took a Subaru BRZ for a test drive and fell in love, but alas when I got it into my garage I couldn't open the door far enough to get out. My 2013 Subaru XV is almost the perfect size, but I would prefer something narrower. The XV has the capacity I need, but its lack of grunt is very annoying, particularly fully laden. Is there anything new available that might work for me or do I need to go second-hand to get something narrower and gruntier?

The XV is the narrowest vehicle of its type, no other SUV we checked was as narrow, which makes your quest a difficult one. Finding a vehicle that has more grunt isn't difficult, you can check the specs of the various cars on the web, but I think you'll have trouble finding a car that fits your width needs. You might need to rethink the type of car you want.