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Ashley Gittins ASKED THE GUIDE

Failed power steering in BRZ?

The power steering in my 2015 Subaru BRZ has twice failed in 12 months. The module was replaced last year, taking several weeks, and it has now failed again. I lost all steering control at speed on the highway and found it a dangerous and upsetting experience. It will be repaired again under warranty, but nobody can explain how or why it occurred and can't guarantee it won't break down again. What if it happens a third time and I have an accident? I am getting no help from the original dealer or Subaru Australia. I am without a car and feeling completely lost and helpless against the companies involved. Any advice would be gratefully received.

You'd like to think that once fixed it won't happen again, particularly as it is happened to you once before, but no one can predict what might or might not happen in the future. No one can guarantee 100 percent that it won't happen again, but Subaru should be able to explain what caused the problem and give you a reasonable assurance that it wont re-occur. The dealer's responsibility is to fix your car; Subaru's should be to explain what happened and why so you can get back to driving your car with confidence. If the dealer doesn't want to help go directly to Subaru and ask to talk to an engineer. If you don't get any satisfaction go further up the company ladder until, if necessary, go all the way to the top. If the repairs are going to take some weeks as you suspect you should ask for a loan car so you're not without wheels.