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Jeep Grand Cherokee engine cutting out

I'm hoping you can help me with a fault in my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited which I bought in March 2013 with three-year extended warranty. It cuts out about twice a week, within a couple of seconds of starting, and I have to wait about two minutes before I can restart it. In itself this is disturbing but I would not want it to happen while I am driving as it could cause serious injury or death. The fault started in early 2015, within the normal warranty period. I have had it back to the dealership four times to try to fix the fault. I believe the dealer, and therefore Jeep technicians, have had ample opportunity to correct the problem and they have not. What can I do now?

Andrew Chesterton again: "FCA Australia's technicians have contacted this customer to arrange a like-for-like loan car and a longer test drive of this vehicle to determine exactly the issue so we can fully resolve it under warranty."