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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013: Warranty issues

I’ve had several problems with my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel model, which is now out of warranty. Whilst under warranty I complained about the gears not kicking in or unable to shift gears. The driver’s side seatbelt often gets stuck and you are unable to put it on. The driver’s headrest popped out just after I got out. The internal dash lights often turn off. I have complained to my local dealership and to no avail. Now, I’m told I have to foot the bill for the issues. Most recently I called with my complaints and was informed someone would contact me. That was two months ago. This morning I called roadside assistance, as I could not get the car into gear. How can I get my issues seen to?


If you want to have the problems attended to at no cost you need to negotiate with Jeep in the hope they will come to the party with a good will gesture. If that doesn’t result in an outcome satisfactory to you try enlisting the help of your state consumer affairs people.