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Is the 2017 Mustang V8 safe enough to buy?

I'm looking at buying a 2017 Ford Mustang V8. EuroNCAP gave it 2 stars due to lack of safety functions such as lane changing and AEB etc. These items are not important to us but what is, is the fact that both the driver and front passenger airbags didn't deploy/inflate properly and the driver hit the steering wheel and passenger the dash. Ford isn't addressing the airbag issue and it makes us wonder if this is still a safe car to drive if the airbags don't work properly. Your thoughts?

Ford says that the Mustang has met all relevant safety standards in America, which they say demonstrates that it is a safe car. But the Mustang is now a relatively old model, having gone on sale in the USA in 2014, and it doesn't have some of the safety features most other cars have. While it's lacking in some areas, it's not an inherently unsafe car, it's just not as safe as other cars that have a 5-star rating. Ford says the 2018 model will have features such as AEB, so perhaps wait for that.