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Car bra or clear plastic covering, which is better?

Re paint protection. Can you please advise the merits of a car bra as an alternative to a clear plastic protective covering? Appreciating that some of the cheaper car bras can apparently cause significant damage to the duco, I have ordered an Australian-made item for my 2015 Mustang with a price of $550. Noting the majority of the Stang's use is in and around Mt Gambier, the intention is to use this four to five times a year when travelling to Adelaide, Warnnambool, Ballarat or Hamilton. Your not mentioning the form of protection is of some concern, particularly the potential for damage during fitting and removal. Bearing in mind it will probably be difficult to find someone nearby with the expertise to apply the plastic protection, would I be better cancelling my order and having a protective coating applied?

I have no personal experience but know that car bras can chafe, potential cause overheating and can be difficult to fit and remove. Personally, and knowing that companies such as Porsche fit the clear plastics to all of their demonstrator cars for paint protection, I would choose it ahead of a car bra.