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Is a 2012 Holden Cruze likely to have a faulty gearbox?

I was about to buy a Holden Cruze Equipe automatic (2012) but then I read all the scary reviews about the gearbox being faulty. The one I'm buying is the CDJH MY13 variant. I read most problems are in 2011 and previous versions. Will I have fewer chances to run into a faulty transmission? The car is in great shape and has been well maintained at the official dealer but I don't want to run into a potential headache.

The six-speed automatic transmission in the Cruze built between 2011 and 2013 was, indeed, a bit suspect in some cases. Unfortunately, that puts the vehicle in question right in the middle of things. Holden instigated a fix which was applied when a car with gearbox dramas was brought in for repairs. Sometimes individual parts of the transmission could be replaced, at other times the transmission was replaced as a whole unit.

Any Cruze with a gearbox that flares during shifts, shudders, refuses to select a particular gear (including reverse) or loss of drive was covered by this special service directive. When fixed, Holden was extending the warranty of the transmission to five years or 150,000km. That won’t help you now, but it would pay to check whether the car you’re looking at has, in fact, had this work carried out. A car with these repairs carried out would be a better choice than one that hasn’t.