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How to lower a Mazda 3?

How to lower a Mazda 3?

When you lower a car you are normally simply swapping the coil springs for lower, stiffer units which reduce the ride height of the car, and makes the suspension firmer as there is less space for soft coils to absorb the bumps you drive over on the road. It requires specialised tools like coil spring compressors to safely remove the old suspension (which is held under tension) and fit the new parts. Sometimes you will need to replace the dampers (shock absorbers) with new units suited to the lowered ride height, too, and you will always need to get a new wheel alignment done by professionals once done. Due to the risks to your safety and the legality of your car, you should only have a professional suspension workshop lower your car for you - people have been killed while lowering their cars, such is the potential danger of this job.