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Wendy Parkinson ASKED THE GUIDE

How can I tell if my car is a replica?

I have a Holden VN Group A SS. I don't have a lot of knowledge on cars and I've been told some can be replicas and am wondering how do I tell if mine is genuine? How do I determine a fair sale price?

Confirming genuine classics can be difficult and requires intimate knowledge of the make and model to be certain.

I would contact Holden's customer assistance people, give them the id numbers of your car and ask them to check against their production records.

If they can't do that contact a club such as an HSV Owners Club and ask them to help you. There isn't a club in the NT, so contact another state's club.

A guiding range for the value of your car is $38,000 to $46,000, but it can vary widely depending on originality, condition, kilometres done etc.