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Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry: Which is better for towing?

I am looking to buy a secondhand Toyota wagon, around 2002-2004. The ones I'm considering are the 1.8-litre Corolla and 2.2-litre Camry. I prefer the Corolla for fuel economy and because it's hard to find manual versions of the Camry, but I want to tow a camping trailer that weighs around 750 kg. I won't be towing long distances and would only be doing it twice a year. The Corolla spec says it can tow 950 kg braked, while the Camry says 1100 kg. There's not much difference, but a little voice in my head tells me the Corolla will struggle. Should I listen to the voices?

First you need to know the total weight of the trailer when it's loaded with everything you want to take with you when you go camping. It could easily sneak up to close to the Corolla's limit of 950 kg. You have to think of safety when towing, and it doesn't matter that you will only tow short distances or do it twice per year. I would tend to go for the Camry, it has a higher towing rating, it is a heavier vehicle and therefore more stable, and I think safer for your needs.