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Holden Commodore: Oil consumption

After reading recent complaints in your column about oil consumption of the Commodore V6 I checked the oil level in my Series II Commodore SV6 and I was stunned to find it didn't register on the dipstick at all. There has never been any indication, warning lights etc. to suggest there might have been a problem. It took 3.5 litres of oil to return it to the correct level. It has done just under 28,000km and it was 15,000km since its last service. When I reported the high usage at the 30,000km service the dealer advised that it met Holden's spec and that I had nothing to worry about as the engine still had approx. four litres of oil left. I protested that the oil usage was not correct and it should be fixed. It was then that they advised that Holden was aware of the problem and that it was a breathing issue with the motor, oil was being sucked from the sump and blown out the exhaust. They said Holden was working on the problem and a fix was due later this year. Am I being fed a line or are you aware that Holden is working on the problem? I would appreciate your opinion.

Yours is not the only report we have had, we believe that oil consumption is a serious issue with the Holden V6 and something must be done about it. To say that the consumption you report is within Holden's specification is ludicrous. We have contacted Holden in an effort to confirm there is a solution being worked on.