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Are there plans for Mercedes to bring out an EV small car?

Are there plans for Mercedes-Benz to bring out a small car EV? We have an old A250 (love it!) and are looking forward to an EV option from M-B to satisfy small car driving. Also, even small SUVs will not fit in our modern housing garage comfortably.

Our modest preferences: 500km open road range, A-class hatch size, fast-charge options, more public fast-charge stations between Sydney and Melbourne.

At this stage, the smallest Mercedes-Benz EV is the EQA. Although there’s a Smart EV in other parts of the world, there are no plans to introduce it here. The decision not to make an A-Class hatchback EV is in line with the rest of the world’s car-makers who are ditching conventional hatchback and sedan designs in favour of the all-conquering SUV packaging.

However, while the EQA is physically larger than your current A250, it’s probably not by as much as you might imagine. In overall length terms, the EQA is about three centimetres longer and about five centimetres wider. The big difference is that the new car is a lot taller; about 19 centimetres higher, in fact. But even then, the EQA is still a pretty compact car, and if your garage won’t accommodate those dimensions, I’m wondering how it was ever council-approved as a parking space within a building.

As for your other requirements, the EQA has a theoretical range of up to 400km and can be fast-charged. As for more charging points in public areas on highways, I’m afraid that’s one you need to talk to your local government member about, not Mercedes-Benz.

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