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2014 Holden Caprice: Not recognising remote keys.

Can someone please advise me on how to stop my 2014 Holden Caprice's computer from going to sleep and not recognising/detecting the remote keys? Holden has done two diagnostic tests at a cost of approximately $150 each and has come back with no result. They can only guess what's wrong. The first dealership could only change the battery at a cost of $300, the second dealership wants to replace two keys at a cost of $500 each with no guarantee of it working.

Even untrained, I know it’s not the keys. Holden won't even tell me how to program the keys. I feel as though they’re only trying to get more money out of me, and are not really interested in resolving the problem. I've contacted Holden customer care but they cannot do anything either, so if you could please give some helpful advice it would be appreciated.

It sounds awfully like your car’s body computer is at fault here, Leslie. The body computer is the brain that talks to the keys and then commands the doors to unlock and the immobiliser to disarm so the engine can start. This unit also controls things like the power windows, interior lighting, and even the intermittent windscreen wipers. It also talks to the engine control module, and without that conversation happening properly, the engine won’t start. The problem is that the body computer can develop faults with some of these functions while others work perfectly, making diagnosis even trickier.

If it is on the blink, a faulty body computer can have all sorts of effects including doors that won’t lock or unlock, and can even cause the doors to lock momentarily before magically unlocking again the minute your back is turned.

I have also heard of keys becoming worn out with age and use, and if the car requires the key to be in very close proximity to unlock doors, the key could be at fault, too. The other possibility is that an aftermarket alarm system is interfering with the car’s standard functions.