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BMW X6 vs Tesla Model X

What's the difference?


$140,900 - $247,900

2024 price

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

$109,990 - $145,800

2019 price


2024 BMW X6
2019 Tesla Model X
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Turbo 6, 3.0L

Fuel Type

Fuel Efficiency
9.3L/100km (combined)

0.0L/100km (combined)

  • Polarising exterior looks
  • Lots of good features embedded in extra-cost packages
  • Updated multimedia system takes a while to get used to

2024 BMW X6 Summary

First launched in 2008, the BMW X6 created history (and a new car category) with its coupe styling on an SUV framework.

It was a polarising effort but one that opened up the SUV market for those wanting the size and presence of an SUV without compromising on the sporty styling of a smaller car.

The 2024 X6 has had a facelift and that brings a more athletic and robust kerb-side appeal that might swing a few fence sitters onto the side of liking it.

The already pleasant interior has been polished with extra customisations available on trims and accents. The technology has seen the biggest upgrade and it now features a more streamlined mild-hybrid component to the engine. It all positions the X6 well and truly within the rank of luxury.

For the last week I’ve been driving the mid-spec xDrive40i M Sport variant to see how the facelifted model holds its own against rivals, the Audi Q8 55 TFSI Dynamic Black and Mercedes-Benz GLE450 4Matic Coupe. 

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2019 Tesla Model X Summary

The idea of a Tesla that can tow sounds about as likely as an astrophysicist with three Olympic gold medals, who also moonlights as a hand model.

The EV brand has blazed a trail for every other mainstream and premium car manufacturer to jump on the electric bandwagon, and today they’ve still got the biggest batteries and most impressive range ratings, while also having the most extensive extensive network of charge stations made up of Superchargers and destination chargers, covering every state and territory.

They’re not perfect though, often displaying niggling build quality issues and production delays for upcoming models. There’s also a degree of uncertainty bred by a founder who flits between the modern-day space race, manufacturing flame throwers and offering to send miniature submarines to rescue stranded children.

But there’s no questioning the overall impact Tesla has had on the automotive industry, along with the incredible brand awareness and aspiration it’s generated from non-enthusiast Joe Average consumers around the world.

The Model X is also rated to tow, with a decent 2250kg braked rating and an integrated tow bar that folds out of sight when not in use, which both fits its SUV character and encourages you to give it a go.

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2024 BMW X6 2019 Tesla Model X

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