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Lexus LS 1991

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Lexus LS 1991

The 1991 Lexus LS range of configurations is currently priced from $5,300.

The 1991 Lexus LS carries a braked towing capacity of up to 1600 Kg, but check to ensure this applies to the configuration you're considering.

Lexus LS 1991 Price and Specs

The Lexus LS 1991 is currently available from $5,300 for the LS LS400 up to $8,250 for the LS LS400.

Pricing guides

Based on third party pricing data
Lowest Price
Highest Price
Lexus LS Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
LS400 Sedan 4.0L PULP 4 SP AUTO $5,300 $8,250
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Lexus LS 1991 Dimensions

Dimensions for the 1991 Lexus LS are dependent on which body type is chosen. The maximum width and height is 1820mm x 1425mm and can vary on the basis of model.

Dimensions for the Lexus LS 1991 Dimensions  include 1425mm height, 1820mm width, 4995mm length.
Lexus LS Model Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
LS400 Sedan 1425x1820x4995 mm 167 mm
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Lexus LS 1991 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 1991 Lexus LS is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Lexus LS currently offers fuel consumption from 9.8 to 9.8L/100km. The Lexus LS is available with the following fuel type: PULP.

Lexus LS Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
LS400 Sedan 4.0L,PULP,4 SP AUTO 9.8L/100km
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Lexus LS 1991 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Lexus LS 1991 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Critical load rating

    The load rating is critical to maintain. There is no legal requirement to fit a particular speed-rating tyre to any car. The Lexus was fitted with Z-rated tyres for those situations when it's driven fully laden at its speed potential for extended periods. You're right, it's something that's not legally possible here, so choosing a tyre with a lower speed rating is good advice.

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Lexus LS 1991 Wheel size

Wheel size for the 1991 Lexus LS will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted. Standard wheel sizes on the Lexus LS spans from 15x6.5 inches.

Lexus LS Model Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
LS400 Sedan 15x6.5 inches 15x6.5 inches
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Lexus LS 1991 Towing capacity

The Lexus LS has maximum towing capacity of 1600kg. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. These include engine, transmission, model, and options chosen. Always check with the manufacturer or in your vehicles handbook before attempting to tow anything.

Lexus LS Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity
LS400 Sedan 4.0L,PULP,4 SP AUTO 1600kg
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