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2021 Land Rover Discovery
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2021 Land Rover Discovery Pricing and Specs


The Land Rover Discovery 2021 prices range from $72,856 for the basic trim level SUV Discovery SD4 S (177KW) to $126,034 for the top of the range SUV Discovery SDV6 HSE Luxury (225KW).

The Land Rover Discovery 2021 is available in . Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the SUV 2.0L 8 SP Automatic to the SUV 3.0L 8 SP Automatic.

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Land Rover Discovery Models SPECS PRICE
SD4 HSE (177KW) 2.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $100,357
SD4 HSE Luxury(177KW) 2.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $114,657
SD4 S (177KW) 2.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $72,856
SD4 SE (177KW) 2.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $88,056
SDV6 HSE (225KW) 3.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $111,685
SDV6 HSE Luxury (225KW) 3.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $126,034
SDV6 Landmark Edition (225KW) 3.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $107,804
SDV6 S (225KW) 3.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $85,134
SDV6 SE (225KW) 3.0LDiesel8 speed automatic $99,385

Land Rover Discovery 2021 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Land Rover Discovery here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Should I sell my 2005 Land Rover Discovery?

    Land Rovers of this era seem to have a few more reliability problems than other off-road vehicles from other makers. That said, they’re more complicated to start with, so that explains some of that phenomenon.

    As you’ve correctly identified, Karen, a vehicle’s ability to keep on keeping on is down to far more factors than simply the age of the engine. These are big, heavy, complex machines and they suffer wear in many areas including the driveline, suspension, brakes and general body condition.

    Parts for things like air suspension can be expensive, but it’s worth keeping in mind that no off-road four-wheel-drive is cheap to maintain. It comes down to how much you like the car and whether you can justify the on-costs. If you do decide to keep the old girl, finding a specialist Land Rover workshop can often save you money as these businesses specialise in the brand and know all the common problems and the servicing tricks to keep your spend down.

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  • Land Rover Discovery 2017: Need replacing due to major problems

    Document the problems with the car and any work that has been done on it since you’ve owned it and take them to JLR with a request that they advise you on what work they plan to do to fix the problems. If that doesn’t get a satisfactory response then go to your state consumer affairs office, or perhaps lodge a complaint with VCAT.

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  • Land Rover Discovery 2016: Buying tips

    There are more Toyotas seen in the bush because they have a reputation for reliability. As a result there are many more dealerships around the bush, and mechanics are more familiar with fixing them when necessary, but should the Disco break down for some reason parts are only a phone call away in one of our capital cities or major towns. Checking the vehicle before going away on a trip is always a good idea, but that won’t necessarily mean it won’t break down.

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