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2024 Isuzu FVY Pricing and Specs


Isuzu FVY

The Isuzu FVY 2024 prices range from $222,107 for the basic trim level Single Cab FVY 240-300 (LWB) to $279,407 for the top of the range Single Cab FVY 240-300 (LWB) DC.

The Isuzu FVY 2024 comes in Single Cab.

The Isuzu FVY 2024 is available in Diesel. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Single Cab 7.8L 6 SP Automatic to the Single Cab 7.8L 9SP Manual.

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Interested in an Isuzu FVY?
Isuzu FVY FAQs

Tyre pressure issues in my 2024 Isuzu MU-X

The minimum recommended tyre pressure for your car is 230kPa. That’s equal to about 34psi in the old money. Bear in mind that’s the minimum Isuzu recommends. So 210kPa is definitely too low.

But don’t be tempted to use the tyre’s appearance as a guide to it inflation pressure. Most time, you won’t visually pick a deflated tyre until it reaches below 20psi, at which point it’s already dangerously low. Even parking on a sloped piece of road can make a tyre look underinflated thanks to the weight of the vehicle distorting the tyre’s sidewall.

Using 230kPa is the minimum, you’d definitely increase pressure if you were towing a trailer, were fully loaded or travelling at freeway speeds on a hot day. And don’t be too trusting of your tyre gauge if it’s throwing up low readings all the time. Check it against another gauge to see if there’s a discrepancy. And don’t be at all be tempted to trust the tyre pressure gauge at a service station. The modern, automated tyre inflaters are better, but the old hand-held ones are constantly left out in the weather, thrown on the ground and run over by fuel tankers.

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Is a failed transmission in a 2018 Isuzu D-Max covered by warranty?

Isuzu lifted the warranty on its vehicles to six years/150,000km for all utes sold after May 1, 2019. Unfortunately, it sounds like your car was on the road in 2018, which means it was covered by a five-year/130,000km warranty. Although you haven’t yet covered 130,000km, the vehicle is more than those five years old so, technically, the problem is not covered by warranty.

However, I think it would be worthwhile contacting Isuzu Australia’s customer service division and pointing out the car’s service history and its mileage. Isuzu may then decide to help with the cost of repairs on a pro-rata basis given the circumstances. It is not obliged to, of course, but it’s definitely worth asking.

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How long is too long of a delay when ordering a car?

You’ve kind of already answered your own question by saying that you’ve already waited a year for delivery. Saying no to this one and ordering another might see a similar delay and you’d be back to square one. And a year older. Like many brands, Isuzu deliveries were adversely affected by global supply-chain problems and the world shortage of silicon-chips needed to make on-board computers work.

There are two issues with a car with last year’s build date. The first of these is that the motor trade uses the year of manufacture when calculating retained (trade-in) value. So, if you don’t plan to keep the car long before trading it in, then maybe that’s a concern. If you plan to keep it for 10 years or so, then an extra birthday will have very little affect on its trade-in value by then. This is something you might be able to negotiate on with the dealership you’ve purchased from

As for warranty, Australian Consumer Law states that motor vehicle warranties start form the date of first registration, not the build date. So even though the car might technically be six months old when you get it, the factory six-year/150,000km warranty will start from the day it’s delivered to you as a brand-new vehicle. The exception to this is if the car was originally a dealer demonstrator, when the warranty would start form the time it was registered by the dealership. If that’s the case, this should be reflected in the purchase price as it’s no longer a brand-new car you’re buying.

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* Price is based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the lowest priced Isuzu FVY 2024 variant. The Price excludes costs such as stamp duty, other government charges and options.

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