You know the i30 is good, because you've had one, or your sister/mum/brother/friend did. That's just it – the car has become a part of the Aussie car landscape, like its rivals, the Corolla and Mazda3. And car journos have been banging on about how great the i30 is since it arrived in 2007. It was all true, by the way.

When the new generation car landed earlier this year we were concerned that while the package might be good, the price may not be – but we needn't have worried.

Now we're taking a closer look, in this case, at the entry-level i30 Active.

As a fan of the previous i30 I wanted to see how Hyundai could possibly improve on what was an excellent car for the money. I mean if it ain't broke, don't try to then make it broken... or something, right?