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Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Coupe 2015 review

Peter Barnwell track tests the Lamborghini Huracan at Sydey Motorsport Park.

Though you can buy an Audi R8 5.2 V10 for substantially less money, with the same powertrain, there's a certain allure to having the name Lamborghini Huracan emblazoned across the front and rear of your supercar. The Huracan is Lambo's latest and greatest super sports coupe replacing the long lived Gallardo that sold 14,000 units over a decade in production.

Both R8 and Huracan look sensational with the new Lambo holding an edge in the street 'wow' factor department. 

It's gobsmackingly gorgeous, and you can't help notice the R8 lacks that ultimate cut through.

Inside there's plenty of crossover components between the two cars. Audi owns Lamborghini so some leveraging of technology and other stuff was always on the cards.

The correct name for the new Lambo is Huracan LP 610-4 with the numbers relating to horsepower and all wheel drive.


Huracan is the smallest Lambo, and is strictly a two seater.

The body/chassis is a hybrid of carbon fibre and aluminium to keep weight down to a respectable 1422kg.

The all wheel drive system goes through a multi plate clutch system after first flowing through a dual clutch automated manual gearbox with proper paddle shift on the steering column. The terrible automated manual in Gallardo is a thing of the past.

Other relevant stats on the Huracan are it's 20-inch wheels with 325 wide rear tyres, carbon/ceramic brakes with six piston calipers at the front, double wishbone suspension all round, a 42:58 front to rear weight bias, fuel saving engine stop/start (yes), a dry sump engine to reduce size, electromechanical power steering, chain driven camshafts and plenty more.


In metric terms, the mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V10 engine, which features high strength forged internals, is good for 449kW/560Nm, the former at a howling 8250rpm. This is aided by widely variable valve timing and dual fuel injection - a bit like the system in Toyota's 86 sports car. It gets 12.5L/100km.

600+ horsepower, 1422kg, all wheel drive, race car technology

Lamborghini adds plenty of its own input including something interestingly termed ANIMA - a three drive mode system providing 'street' calibration 'sports' calibration and 'race' calibration to many of the Huracan's dynamics functions.


There's plenty of other stuff you'll only find on the Huracan - with a good dollop if Italian style and advanced technology though magnetic ride control and adaptive steering is optional - surprising in a car with a $428,000+ price.


But what's it like to drive?

What do you reckon... 600+ horsepower, 1422kg, all wheel drive, race car technology….

Yep, you thought right - astonishing.

Razor sharp handling car with brutal acceleration and superb control

We had a brief steer at Sydney Motorsport Park (10 minutes wheel time) and that was just enough to whet the appetite for more - then it was all over.

Driving impressions from that stint are of a razor sharp handling car with brutal acceleration and superb control. 

The acceleration is available at any speed and with a redline of 8250rpm, there's plenty time to spin it up through the gears at maximum acceleration. A 0-100kmh sprint takes 3.2 seconds but we reckon that's conservative as we were able to clock something better using launch control - and we are mugs.

This is all to the accompaniment of a sensational V10 exhaust wail - arguably the best sounding engine of all which in this case is punctuated by loud bangs on the up change and when decelerating.

Huracan barely flinches when cornering hard and those huge Lambo spec Pirelli tyres have plenty of grip no matter how much throttle you sink into it.

Brakes - what can you say - the best of the best - simply fade free all day no matter how much abuse, rip up to a corner at warp speed, jump on the picks, make your eyes water.

The cabin is a pleasant place too - specified to luxury car level.


A wonderful replacement for the good but flawed Gallardo. Sexy style, luxury plus, withering performance, Italian flair.

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