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Uber, but for parking spaces

Jack Perkins and Alex Peck have made an app which can help lift Parramatta's parking congestion.

Two mates say they have the solution to Parramatta's parking woes.

Jack Perkins and Alex Peck have developed a mobile phone application they believe would help to alleviate the CBD's parking congestion.

Called Parallel Parking, the app works similar to Uber and Airbnb, and connects drivers with homeowners and residents who have a spare car parking spot at their home.

Mr Perkins, 23, said the idea came from frustrating personal experiences.

The two young men live in Beecroft but spend a lot of time in Parramatta.

Trying to find a parking spot in Parramatta was time consuming and stressful for motorists

"We have a lot of family and friends that live there and trying to find a spot in Parramatta CBD can be hard. We thought it would be great if we could use car spots that already exist.

"You could be driving around for a while looking for spots and then end up parking a 10 or 15 minute walk away," Mr Perkins said.

He said trying to find a parking spot in Parramatta was time consuming and stressful for motorists.

The free app will be launched in March.

"If you want to go to Parramatta CBD for the day you can find a car spot through the app, for example. And we will have long term options as well."

Mr Perkins said homeowners and drivers could benefit from the app; homeowners could make money on the side by offering their spot and the driver would save on car parking fees.

"We have a pricing model. We are about 30 per cent cheaper than Wilson parking and street parking. It will save a lot of money for the driver."

Would you find a car-space sharing app useful in your area? Let us know in the comments below.