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Not ready to make the switch to an electric car? Peugeot still has you covered as customer powertrain choice becomes key differentiator to rivals like Volvo, Genesis and Lexus

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The new-generation 3008 is expected to arrive in Australia as both an electric car and a hybrid.
The new-generation 3008 is expected to arrive in Australia as both an electric car and a hybrid.

Peugeot will continue to offer combustion powertrains, as well as hybrids and full electric vehicles (EVs), in its bid to offer more choice to local consumers.

Speaking to CarsGuide, Peugeot Australia boss Kate Gillis said it is paramount for the brand to not alienate customers who might not be ready to make the switch to an electric car.

“We’re not only on an electrification journey, consumers are [too] … and that’s why choice is so important for us,” she said.

“They’re going ‘ok, am I ready for electrification? Maybe not, but I love the style, I love the design, can I get in that now’, well you can with a combustion engine.

“So, PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) is a step in the direction of electrification – there’s a lot of confidence and safety for people – so why wouldn’t we give our customers that choice?

“For us it’s important as well because we’re not born electric, we have got a great legacy and a great heritage and we have been progressing over time since 1810, so that choice – be it hybrid, be it plug-in hybrid, be it full electric or simply our existing combustion engines – we want to be able to give customers a reason to buy.”

Peugeot Australia is one of the few marques in Australia that fields petrol, diesel, PHEV and full-electric powertrains across its model portfolio as some brands have decided to skip hybrids in favour of battery EVs.

Volvo, for example, is quickly transitioning to an all-electric brand in Australia, and will discontinue all internal-combustion engine choices from the local market by 2026.

However, despite the desire to keep petrol fans happy, Peugeot is charging full-steam ahead on its electrification plans, having already launched the e-Partner small van and e-2008 small SUV, with the e-208 hatchback and e-Expert light-commercial vehicle coming next year.

The 508 large sedan and wagon range has also transitioned to a PHEV-only line-up, while the 408 mid-sizer will also land in 2024 as a plug-in hybrid to join the hybrid 308 small hatch and 3008 family SUV.

And with the second-generation 3008 nearing the end of its lifecycle, an all-electric version dubbed e-3008 is already locked in for Australia, likely next year too.

But fans of Peugeot Australia’s best-selling mid-size SUV that are not ready for an EV shouldn’t be disheartened, according to Gillis.

“There’s certainly plans in place for 2024, e-3008 is one of them, I can’t necessarily confirm any details yet, but what we’re really striving for here – and I think we’re striking a great balance – is around ensuring we are giving customers choice,” she said.

“So, if a customer is looking at a 3008, it’s not just an electric version, there is potentially another variant that will be on offer.”

That other variant will be electrified however, as hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains were also confirmed at the new-gen 3008 reveal earlier this month.

This leaves the 5008 large SUV and Boxer large van as the only models without an electrified option in Peugeot Australia’s range.

However, plans for an e-5008 are already underway, with Gillis confirming to have seen the yet-to-be-revealed model already, and an Australian business case already building.

“5008 is currently part of our suite, so anything in terms of progress on that particular model, we’ll look at it and evaluate it and is it right for our market,” she said.

“The ambition from the factory is definitely there.”

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