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Not just SUVs! Volvo's first people mover revealed as EM90, a rebadged Chinese MPV, but will fancy Kia Carnival rival come to Australia?

The Volvo EM90 looks a lot like the model it's related to, the Zeekr 009 (Photos: MIIT).

Volvo's branching out from its current focus on SUVs, with the imminent reveal of its first people mover van now punctuated by the publication of images of the model in China.

The Volvo EM90 has been revealed in photos published by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) before the brand has officially debuted the model, showing it's clearly closely related to the electric Zeekr 009 MPV.

That model is also from a brand owned by Volvo's parent company Geely, but is only available in China. It's yet to be determined whether the Volvo cousin to it will be available in other markets.

Set to make its debut next month according to earlier information from the Swedish brand, the Volvo EM90 has been both teased by Volvo as well as having been spotted in camouflage testing.

The EM90 features Volvo-designed versions of the front facia and grille of the rear, with the brand's current 'Thor's Hammer' style-headlights, but underneath it is Geely's SEA platform that is shared with the Zeekr 009.

The EM90 stands at 5206mm long, 2024mm wide and 1859mm tall, and is rear-drive only, according to documents, with a 200kW electric motor at the rear axle.

It's not light, though, with documents claiming the EM90's kerb weight sits at 2763kg.

The EM90 stands at 5206mm long, 2024mm wide and 1859mm tall, and is rear-drive only, according to documents.

CarsGuide has contacted Volvo Australia for any indication as to whether we can expect to see the people mover make its way here.

“The Volvo EM90 will make its global debut on 12 November 2023. The vehicle is intended for mainland China only. Other markets are yet to be decided,” a spokesperson confirmed to CarsGuide.

Given its relation to the Zeekr 009, we would expect the EM90 to remain a China-focused model for the time being, but don't rule it out.

People movers are much more popular in China than here, but Lexus Australia is bringing the LM here, so there's likely at least some interest locally in Volvo can make it happen.

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