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No number two: The 2023 Smart #3 is the brand's second new electric car built with Geely

The #3 follows the #1 as a venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely.

Smart Automobile might have made a choice appropriate for its brand name when it named its new small electric car, the #3, skipping over #2 and avoiding some crass jokes.

The Smart #3 is the second car built on the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) electric car platform from Geely, as a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and the Chinese auto brand.

Calling the #3 "premium and sporty", Smart announced the car as its first "sports utility coupé", essentially meaning Smart is following the market trend into the compact SUV space.

Smart hasn't revealed much in terms of specification for the #3, but press images of the interior show a rather animated looking 12.8-inch central multimedia screen with a phrase that says 'Brabus Mode' on it, suggesting a performance mode named after the brand known for tuning Mercedes cars, and a figure of 425km seemingly indicating range.

It also says the Smart #3 comes with a a 13-speaker Beats sound system, and bright colours like 'Photon Orange Metallic' and 'Electric Blue Matte'.

The Smart #3 will be shown to a European audience at IAA in September 2023, hopefully with more detail, before it's launched in the EU next year.

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