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Men speed more than women

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Just over 70 per cent of males surveyed admitted to speeding on a daily basis.
Just over 70 per cent of males surveyed admitted to speeding on a daily basis.

It’s a debate that’s raged for decades. Who are the better drivers, males or females? Guys claim to be skilfully superior while the girls prefer the crown of sensibility. One thing’s for sure, Aussie boys like speed but skill levels are questionable. And ladies, certain technologies seem to be testing your self-proclaimed sensible nature while behind the wheel.

A recent survey compiled by Continental Tyres has revealed that around 50 per cent of Australian motorists break the road rules on a regular basis. Speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, disobeying traffic lights, signs or signals and failing to wear a seat belt are among the top rules being broken.

Just over 70 per cent of males surveyed admitted to speeding on a daily basis, while only around 30 per cent of females confessed to breaking the speed limit every day. More than half of those males who confessed to frequent speeding had also been caught for driving over the speed limit in the last three years – with males aged between 30-49 racking up the most demerit points for the offence.

Females aged between 18-24 years old proved most likely to put their foot down, with around 30 per cent admitting to being caught by a police radar or camera. Continental Tyres General Manager Steve Brown expressed his concern with speeding issues. "With so many campaigns in place to reduce the number of drivers speeding on our roads, it is distressing to learn that so many are still risking the lives of their loved ones by exceeding the limit".

Of those surveyed, women took the top spot for using a mobile phone while driving with over 25 per cent owning up to the offence. Guys tended to prefer disobeying traffic lights, sign or signals with more than 25 per cent admitting to doing so on a regular basis.

So it seems guys do indeed prefer driving like speedy loons, but that amounts to nothing when it comes to skill. And females may have the ability to multi-task (there we admit it), although this trait may prove detrimental when cars and phone are mixed together.

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