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Lamborghini Urus sold out: Italian brand's $400,000-plus super SUV rival to Aston Martin DBX snapped up by Aussie buyers

The Lamborghini Urus has proven popular with Australian buyers.

Fans of Lamborghini’s super SUV hoping to put an example in their garage will have to wait until the new version arrives later this year, with the $400,000-plus V8-powered Urus now sold out in Australia.

The mighty five-door model shot to the top of Lamborghini’s charts when it arrived in 2018 overtaking its more traditional coupe and convertible cars in combined sales, and that popularity has remained consistent over the following five years.

Speaking to CarsGuide, Lamborghini APAC director Francesco Scardaoni confirmed that the Urus was continuing to gain a strong following and order books were full until the end of its production in the current generation.

“We didn't see any slowdown up to now on Urus,” he said. “Demand is pretty strong and actually, Urus is sold out until the end of production.”

That means customers wanting to jump into a new Urus will have to be patient and get in line for the next generation model. However, while it’s known that the new Urus will be revealed globally this year, an Australian debut and wait times are not yet confirmed.

Scardaoni revealed the company is already taking orders and the plug-in hybrid Urus is proving to be as popular as the pure petrol model it replaces.

“We are getting now orders of the Urus PHEV that will be introduced in Beijing this April. That will be the worldwide premiere and we already get orders coming for this new one. We see really a lot of interest in Urus here in Australia.”

The current generation Urus is sold out with the company now taking orders on the new version.

The current generation Urus attracted a consistent audience with a steady increase in sales each year and a peak of 90 registrations in 2022.

While Scardaoni didn’t reveal exactly how many plug-in Uruses had been ordered in Australia, he did confirm that the company was expecting the new model to continue the same sales trajectory.

“For our sales distribution in between sports cars and Urus, this was exactly our target. We are happy really happy with the performance of Urus in Australia. We want to have a split that is roughly same as the rest of the world 60:40 (Urus/sports cars).”

The combined Australia sales of run-out Aventador and Huracan totalling 159 in 2023 would rank Urus sales projections at about 95.

Lamborghini’s only four/five seater was always expected to be the raging bull’s top seller in a booming global SUV market, the company never intended the Urus to become a volume seller,  instead maintaining a level of exclusivity and prestige.

“We never wanted Urus to be a mass market car,” said Scardaoni. “So Urus was always driven with the same approach of having the right supply according to the demand of the market.

The Urus blends a luxury interior with supercar performance.

“Like the super sport cars, we never over supply. Same for the Urus. We want our customers be exclusive and we want our customers to have cars that have a high residual value.”

Just how long customers will be waiting for their plug-in Urus remains to be seen with global supply constraints affecting delivery of all models.

Scardaoni said uncontrollable factors can always blow out wait times unexpectedly, but the company would not let lead times extend to as much as three years.

“It depends on the market requests. We always listen to different markets and what they request in terms of volumes and orders and, according to the order portfolio, we locate the cars in order to have a certain waiting time.

“Of course, we don't want to go to a waiting time of three or four years so it's always a balance in between demand and supply”.

The new Urus will be revealed at the Beijing motor show in April this year with global deliveries expected to follow immediately. As Lamborghini’s biggest market, China is most likely to be given priority supply.

Daniel Gardner
Contributing Journalist
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